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An Egyptian education investment and management company established with the purpose of offering quality learning experience through the development of sustainable world-class educational institutions with state-of-the-art facilities to maximize community impact

El Sewedy Education ….

  • Building its presence in Egypt and the region on three main pillars: Innovation, Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Extending its reach beyond Egypt into Africa, the Middle East and neighboring countries
  • Will create a sustainable world-class model of knowledge and technology transfer
  • Will be distinguished as the leading provider of quality education in the region by partnering with internationally recognized institutions
  • Will impact the regions’ education sector by offering well-rounded academic education targeting all segments of society
  • Will engage the private sector to offer practical experience by providing real-life case studies, fieldwork assignment, internships and workshops to increase students employability

Who We Are


To equip knowledge seekers with dynamic educational skill sets and essential tools that can empower their journey towards becoming the impactful leaders of tomorrow.

Core Values


To be the leading provider of high quality, sustainable and fit-for-purpose education optimizing the benefits for knowledge seekers and businesses alike. El Sewedy Education aims to develop well-rounded global citizens to meet the dynamic and challenging demands of the ever-changing global job market.

El Sewedy Education Chairman

“Access to quality education enhances economies through higher rates of fitted employability among its youth”

Ahmed El Sewedy, Founder & Chairman

His devotion to giving back to the community materialized in launching El Sewedy Technical Academy (STA) in 2011 to set an example for the private sector’s key involvement in dual learning education and research due to its integral role in preparing tomorrow’s leaders. YouTube Channel: El Sewedy Academy.

Under the leadership of Ahmed El Sewedy El Sewedy Electric dedicated significant resources to set the benchmark for private sector engagement in the region to share the wealth of El Sewedy Electric’s resources and knowledge with society in a wide range of activities, including El Sewedy Technical Academy, to set an example for the private sector’s involvement in education.

STA Video

Our Focus

K-12 Schools

Establishing K-12 Schools that will offer a solid foundation to enrich students’ skillsets both academically and professionally to prepare them for the coming stages of their lives.

Technical Education

Establishing technical education institutions to provide practical, hands-on experience that will drive their professional careers forward.

Higher Education

Establish world-class facilities and academic offerings including undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education in addition to state-of-the-art research facilities.


El Sewedy Education’s multidisciplinary flagship project, constituting of different international universities clustered together, directly matches the needs of the Egyptian economy with offerings that compliments the entire education ecosystem.

K-12 Schools

El Sewedy Education believes that a robust educational foundation, through academia reinforced by experiential learning techniques, is essential for preparing Generation Z (5-19 years old) for their future endeavors and teaching these digital natives how to lead impactful lives.

To achieve this, the academic offerings will adopt new global models in education, applying progressive, socially responsible and practical-driven methods, linking pre-university education to the outside world to allow students to explore their interests and entrepreneurship capabilities at an early stage, and aid them in choosing how they want to shape their future.

Technical Education

Technical Education is part of El Sewedy Education’s Key activities as per the goal of modernizing regional industries by creating state-of-the-art technical centers dedicated to the training and education of future workers.

In 2011, El Sewedy Technical Academy (STA) was established to offer a 3-year tenure, 100% scholarship-based program to help promote the quality of technical education offered to the new generation of technical employees. Ahmed El Sewedy founded the STA in response to an economic need in Egypt mirrored in many countries in which El Sewedy Electric operates. Currently, the STA has 2 schools and plans on developing an additional 7 schools in Africa by 2021, recruiting a total of 10,000 students, to contribute to the development of the African community and promote sustainable business practices.

Latest News


El Sewedy Education Sponsored BEBA Business Mission to the UK, Education Seminar Held at Coventry University UK


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On the Sidelines of the Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research


The Knowledge Hub along with Coventry University participated in Edu Gate Fair and The British Trophy this month

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