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El Sewedy Education is an Egyptian education investment and management company established with the purpose of offering quality learning experiences through the development of sustainable world-class educational institutions with state-of-the-art facilities to maximize community impact. El Sewedy Education builds its presence in the region on three main pillars: Innovation, Inclusivity and Accessibility.

El Sewedy Education’s plan is to invest, within the next 5 years, extensively within Egypt focused on Greater Cairo applying the IBC model and private universities in other governates; in addition to its first K-12 international school.

Purpose and Objectives

El Sewedy Education aims to develop well-rounded global citizens to meet the dynamic and challenging demands of the ever-changing global job market.

To be the leading provider of high quality, sustainable and fit-for-purpose education optimizing the benefits for knowledge seekers and businesses alike.

To equip knowledge seekers with dynamic educational skill sets and essential tools that can empower their journey towards becoming the impactful leaders of tomorrow.

El Sewedy Education commitments
  • Offering the opportunity for students to gain practical experience to become global citizens positively impacting  employability rates
  • Establishing a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary educational hub to better serve students for different industries and complement studies
  • Increase research areas in the Middle East and Africa, foster innovation and  entrepreneurial endeavors

El Sewedy Education focuses on the Third Pillar which highlights the future of Knowledge and innovation in the development plan.

Announced in 2016 by the Egyptian Government and unveiled by the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi. The vision consists of eight main national pillars to be met by 2030 that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Sustainable Development Strategy for Africa 2063.


Offering high quality education through innovative teaching tools and techniques from the early years does allow for enriched brains and personality development.

El Sewedy Education is partnering with operators committed to offering world class recognized curriculum coupled with high standard professional development to both its teachers and employees thus creating a sustainable education entity teaching its students to think critically and independently and how to inquire with care and logic from as early as 3 years old.

As per the Egyptian Government’s new direction, quality higher education is a pivotal area of focus in Egypt’s plan for improving the social and economic dimensions of its 2030 vision.

El Sewedy Education is working on establishing world-class facilities and academic offerings including undergraduate and  postgraduate  in addition to state-of-the art research facilities not only within Egypt but the across the region as a whole​.

The Knowledge Hub Universities (TKH) is El Sewedy Education’s higher education brand since 2019.

Undoubtedly, one of the main benefits of continuing education is improving and widening one’s skillset as the world is constantly evolving, and with the rise of technology, new skills and software continuously emerge.

Aligned with El Sewedy Education’s mission, the Executive Programs Department strives to being recognized as the destination for any age. Additionally, through its Innovation Hub , El Sewedy Education focuses on educating and training participants on different innovation and entrepreneurship concepts.

"Access to quality education enhances economies through higher rates of fitted employability among its youth"
Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy
Founder and Chairman El Sewedy Education - President and CEO of El Sewedy Electric
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Business, Academia & Society

El Sewedy Education aims to use these three channels to bridge the gap between Business, Academia and Society in order to build a strong foundation in every project that is executed.

The main objective in to continuously maintain this link to meet the progression occurring in all three areas. As society progresses the job market is constantly changing hence industries and businesses accordingly acclimate to these developments.

The dynamic structure of Education presented by ElSewedy Education provides knowledge seekers with the skills and tools required to be able to adapt to their environment.